Appointing a New Paid Faculty

For assistance in determining the appropriate title, rank and tenure pathway for a new faculty member, please refer to the College of Medicine 2017 appointment grid and the 2017 Promotion and Tenure.

Required documents that must be uploaded into the JFR system:

Appointment Action Required Documents
New Paid Faculty Instructor and Assistant Professor

·         Letter of recommendation from department chair to the dean (this can be generated in the system)

·         Financial business plan

·         Current CV

Associate Professor and Professor

·         Letter of recommendation from the department chair to the P&T committee showing support for request

·         Financial Business Plan

·         Current CV

·         Three letters of recommendations must be on letterhead and written by authorities in candidate’s field of expertise who are not UAMS faculty and who have neither trained nor employed the candidate. The letters must be written by authorities who hold the same or higher rank as the rank that is being requested by the candidate.