Faculty Mentoring Program

This mentoring program is intended to be a useful way of supporting new faculty members as they adjust to their new environment. Whether the faculty is adjusting to academe itself, settling into their first year at UAMS, or simply settling into Arkansas. Assistance from a well-respected mentor can be an invaluable supplement to the guidance and orientation of all new faculty.

We have an online application which helps foster the mentoring experience by providing faculty with online resources, topic ideas and discussions for quarterly meetings, a complete program evaluation, and other helpful tools to support the professional growth of our new faculty.

If you have any questions regrading how to become a mentor please contact K. Donte' Stephens at (501) 526-5090 in the Faculty Center.

Mentoring Database

The mentoring database is a web application which supports UAMS's faculty mentoring program across all colleges.

The following list represents a compilation of activities, topics, and mutual interest that are possible for exploration within a mentoring partnership.

– Grant proposals
– Establishing a publication record
– Conference Involvement
– Research group organization

– Creating a teaching portfolio
– Publication of education related papers
– Classroom management

Tenure & Promotion Issues
– Preparing CVs & renewals
– Exploring tenure and promotion expectations

Department and Acculturation
– Department funding
– Departmental resources
– Departmental and/or college associations, teams, or interest groups

Here is a brief overview of the Mentoring Program

  1.   It’s a 1 year mentoring agreement
  2.   You will only be required to meet four times throughout the year (Quarterly)
  3.   A Resource Fair is held annually for all participants
  4.   System will provide on-line resources and other helpful tools
– Try to connect with each other
– Be respectful of each others time
– Ask questions and ask for help
– Use the Faculty Center as a resource
– Establish short-term and long-term goals

– Think of this as a long-term pairing
– Expect to solve every need
– Try to explain policies & practices outside of your scope