Employee Assistance Program

AEAP are free services available to help supervisors, managers and employees trouble shoot for potential problems, as well as, identify areas of potential growth.

Faculty Wellness Program

Launched in 2006 the Faculty Wellness Program supports the overall professional health and vitality of all our faculty. This programs’ goals are to provide health promotion educational information, facilitate the incorporation of health-related behaviors and wellness practices in our faculty, to promote awareness of and access to crisis and support services.

Fitness Center

The UAMS Fitness Center, open to students, faculty and staff, is a commitment of UAMS to improve individual health and well-being by starting – and continuing – a regular exercise program.

Student Wellness Center

The UAMS Student Wellness Program (SWP) promotes wellness in our students by providing the tools and support to help them maintain balance in their lives and achieve their full professional and personal potential. The SWP provides two kinds of services to address this goal: Clinical Services and Outreach Services.