Welcome to UAMS and Little Rock!


If you are new to UAMS or Little Rock or if you are contemplating moving here, please know that we want to help you settle in happily and successfully.  We, the Absolutely Unofficial Faculty /Housestaff Survival Guide Committee, have fun creating a concise, intelligible reference handbook directing you to local resources as you begin your life and work here. We hope you will find it useful for “filling in the gaps” of available information.

Please do not hesitate to call the College of Medicine Office of Faculty Affairs (526-4661) if you have questions, need additional details, or have recommendations for us. In fact, we encourage you to call this office when you arrive for a welcome session. Please know that we do not endorse any particular organization or entity listed in this book. We simply try to provide practical referential information for newcomers. We encourage you to use the web sites that are listed in the book to obtain more detailed information. We always appreciate any comments or suggestions that may help us improve future editions of this guide.

I would like to thank the Office of Faculty Affairs and the Women’s Faculty Development Caucus for being the driving force behind the creation and continued development of this guide which is now in its 17th edition.

I would also like to give a sincere thanks to the committee members who have contributed their ideas, research, editing, and enthusiasm.


Best wishes in getting oriented and settled both at UAMS and in Little Rock!