College of Medicine

COVID-19 Tenure Clock Announcement

Given the extraordinary challenges that the ongoing Covid-19 emergency has created for research and teaching activities President Bobbitt has approved a one-year extension of the probationary period for every pre-tenured faculty member who is in the first 5 years of their probationary period. This extension incorporates, and does not add to, any extensions that have already been applied for under Board of Trustees Policy 405.1.IV.A.4 during the current academic year.

Any additional extensions for currently serving, pre-tenured faculty will be considered rare and will be considered on a case by case basis.

This action is subject to all other provisions of Board Policy 405.1 and other applicable University policies.

***Please note this one-year tenure extension applies to faculty members already employed and on a tenure track at the time of the announcement (March 30, 2020).***

Promotion & Tenure

Requests for Promotion and Tenure for 2020 must be submitted by Monday, September 28, 2020 by 4:30pm.  This is a firm deadline for your electronic packet submission and the electronic system can be found at

Please contact Brenda Burks in the Faculty Center Office if you have any questions regarding the P&T process at 501-686-7404.  You can also stop by the office in the Central Building Room 4D40 to review successful P&T packets anytime Monday through Friday from 8a-4:30p.

P&T Committee

Get to know your Promotion and Tenure Committee members.
Also gain insight on how your committee members are chosen each year.

Database Training

Learn how to build a successful electronic Promotion and Tenure packet.
This training is recommended for faculty members going up for promotion and/or tenure.

Promotion & Tenure Guidelines

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance for faculty development to all faculty members, including department chairs, by defining the criteria for promotion at a given rank and for granting tenure.

Helpful Links & Documents

Browse through helpful Promotion & Tenure links, as well as pathway specific
worksheets to help faculty understand the criteria required for their assigned
academic pathway.