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Master Your Academic Pathway

Make sure you understand the promotion and tenure requirements for your academic pathway.

If you are concerned you will not be successful in your current academic pathway, please speak with your chair to determine whether a pathway change is appropriate.

Appointment Grid for Academic Ranks

Ranges of Effort by Academic Pathway

Pathway Change Request Form

Clinical Attending

  • Clinical Attending – Professor: Click Here
  • Clinical Attending – Associate Professor: Click Here

Clinical Educator

Basic Scientist

  • Basic Scientist – NTE Professor: Click Here
  • Basic Scientist – TE Professor: Click Here
  • Basic Scientist – NTE Associate Professor: Click Here
  • Basic Scientist – TE Associate Professor: Click Here

Clinical Scientist

  • Clinical Scientist – Professor: Click Here
  • Clinical Scientist – Associate Professor: Click Here

Helpful Links for Preparing Your P&T Packet

2019 Promotion & Tenure Guidelines
– This document details the criteria and requirements for promotion and tenure.

Recorded Promotion & Tenure Workshops
-This includes a list of previously recorded Promotion and Tenure workshops.

AAMC CV Guidelines
– Use this AAMC CV as a template for formatting your own CV.

Teaching Activity Log
– This Teacher’s Activity Log is one of various was to to record your teaching activities.

Educator’s Portfolio
– This is a rough draft for an Educator’s Portfolio template.

P&T Timeline
– This timeline will prove helpful in helping you plan according for preparing your P&T packet.

P&T Committee Companion Guide
– This companion guide will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the P & T Committee process.

P&T Packet TIPS
– This has a list of basic packet tips, letters of recommendations, publication, due dates, and secondary request.

Academic Excellence Criteria by Rank in Your Academic Pathway
– This helps highlight the academic missions areas faculty are required to exemplify excellence in when being promoted to a certain rank on a specified academic pathway.