This is the confidential reporting system that supports implementation of the UAMS College of Medicine Professionalism Guideline.

Guideline for Action when you witness a lapse in professionalism on the part of a UAMS credentialed provider or a resident:

Step 1:  Have a conversation with the provider, sharing your observations – if you feel safe doing this. If this is successful, you may decide that no further action is needed.

Step 2:  Alert the “chain of command” – talk with your supervisor about your observations.  Your supervisor can be a good thought partner and can help determine if further immediate action needs to be undertaken. Additionally, it may be most helpful to talk with the supervisor of the provider whose unprofessional behavior you observed.

Step 3:  After reflection, and deciding that further action is warranted, enter a report about your observations into ILLUMINE.

To enter a report in Illumine. Click HERE.