Justification for Recruitment

JFR logoThe Justification For Recruitment (JFR) database tracks and reports the status of faculty recruitment from initial department requests through the approval of faculty appointments. All new COM faculty appointments must go through the JFR system as well as all actions on current appointments listed below. If you are not familiar with the system or have questions, please contact Kierion Stephens at (501) 526-5090 for information and training. Paper packets may no longer be used to process any of these procedures. Click HERE to access the database.

Appointing a new paid faculty member?

Appointing a new adjunct (volunteer) faculty member?

Requesting a leave of absence, emeritus status or distinguished professor status?

This database is also used to perform appointment action on current faculty members such as:

  • Separation Action
  • Departmental Transfer
  • Percent Time Change
  • Promotion (Instructor to Assistant Professor only)
  • Secondary Appointment
  • Tenure Track Change

For a list of required documents for each request, please click here