MASTER Facilitators: Fagin

MASTER: Meet Your Facilitators

Alice Fagin, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Surgery

Dr. Alice Fagin is a burn surgeon boarded in general surgery and surgical critical care.  She has been in practice since 2012 but only joined the staff of UAMS/ACH in 2015.

Why Dr. Fagin thinks this program is important…

I am interested in effective communication in healthcare because it is the only way that the patient, the family, and the medical team are all on the same page.  In medical school we are taught how to diagnose, how to treat, and how to operate, but rarely are we taught how to effectively communicate.  As a trauma/burn surgeon, I have some of the most difficult patients with some of the most difficult social situations.  To ensure appropriate care and efficient improvement, communication has to be central to the doctor-patient-family relationship from the beginning.