Volunteer Faculty

Adjunct Faculty members are individuals who volunteer time and expertise to the College of Medicine. These individuals may have academic appointments in other institutions or may practice their professions in the community.

All adjunct faculty members will be expected to make a substantial contribution to the College of Medicine through a variety of avenues, devoting a minimum of 20 hours of service annually. The hours may be spent teaching, attending, participating in research or other activities approved by the Department Chair and Dean.

Adjunct faculty may serve on committees, but may not serve as Chair.

Adjunct faculty may participate in faculty meetings, but may not vote.

Adjunct Appointments, Renewals, and Terminations

All initial adjunct faculty appointments will be made by the Department Chair with the approval of the Dean or his/her designee.

Adjunct Academic Pathways

Adjunct academic appointments have two pathways:

  1. Adjunct Clinical Pathway
  2. Adjunct Basic Scientist Pathway

Adjunct Academic Ranks

Appointments at the level of Adjunct Associate Professor or Adjunct Professor must be approved by the Promotion and Tenure Committee.

Adjunct faculty may be promoted in accordance with the 2019 Promotion and Tenure Guidelines located in appendix B & C of these guidelines.

Adjunct Appointment Renewals

Renewal of appointments must be approved by the Department Chair and reviewed by the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs. All initial adjunct faculty appointments will be for a one year period. Thereafter, each adjunct appointment will required to be verified for continuation every three years. Review of each adjunct faculty member’s service to the College of Medicine will be conducted by each Department Chair or his/her designee.

It is recommended that each adjunct faculty member submit the Adjunct Verification Form to his/her chair, which will include a report of activities performed in service to the College on an annual basis. These reports, in addition to input from COM Faculty members with whom adjunct faculty members have worked, will serve as the basis for review of adjunct appointments. An adjunct faculty appointment will be renewed by a Department Chair if that adjunct faculty member’s service has fulfilled these principles and there is need for continued adjunct faculty service within the Department.

Adjunct Appointment Terminations

Appointments may be terminated at any time by either the adjunct faculty member or the Department chair. Reappointments of self-terminated adjunct faculty members may be made in the future, should their interest and availability warrant such action.

Adjunct faculty will have no right of grievance of termination.


Below is a list of benefits offered to Adjunct Faculty members of the UAMS College of Medicine.

  1. E-mail accounts – available once the adjunct faculty member is registered in SAP and FacFacts
  2. Faculty I. D. badge
  3. A certificate of appointment
  4. Library privileges when on site at UAMS and AHECs
  5. Courtesy parking on site at UAMS, via departmental mechanisms
  6. Inclusion on all faculty rosters and lists as Adjunct Faculty
  7. All UAMS publications sent to UAMS faculty members
  8. Right to use adjunct title on professional stationery and cards
  9. Faculty discounts at local merchants (listing available on UAMS HR website: http://www.uams.edu/ohr/benefits.asp)
  10. Eligible for membership in UAMS Credit Union
  11. Eligible to purchase computers/peripherals on UAMS contract via Intranet
  12. Eligible for membership in UAMS Athletic Club/Wellness Center